Gelish Polygel Master Kit


Gelish Polygel Master Kit contains: 1 x Natural Clear Polygel 60g 1 x Bright White Polygel 60g 1 x Light Pink Polygel 60g 1 x Cover Pink Polygel 60g 1 x 4 tube keys 1 x Slip solution 240ml 1 x Nail surface cleanse 60ml 1 x Poly Tool Size 10 1 x Pro Bond 1 x Top It Off 1 x pH bond PolyGel: A revolutionary nail enhancement – lighter, stronger and easy to use. It is a hybrid between acrylic and hard gel • Requires no mixing as is premixed • More flexible than acrylic • Stronger than hard gel • 23% lighter than acrylic & 16% lighter than hard gel • Odour & airborne dust free • Produces a longer lasting, beautiful, natural finish • Unlimited play time • Less waste as product comes with a tube key • No heat spike. • Cures in 30 seconds under a 36 watt LED. • Available in 6 shades. • 30 – 40 applications For professional users, a user manual is available. Please email us on

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Gelish Polygel Master Kit


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