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Pumps or Cowboy Boots?

Pumps or Cowboy Boots? is described as a black/brown cream.  Before reading the description of this color I actually thought it was more burgundy-leaning than brown.  It definitely has some reddish tones to me, and almost matches Black Cherry Berry exactly.

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Plum Tuckered Out

Plum Tuckered Out is a dark purple cream.  I was amazed at how evenly this color applied, and at the viscosity.  It was thick enough to provide full coverage with just two coats!  There are many dark purple shades in the Gelish line and I personally have a hard time distinguishing them from one another.  This shade does lean a little more plum than most of the others if you look closely.

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Tex'as Me Later

Tex’as Me Later is a dark, rosy pink with a frost finish.  As with most frosts, this color does show brushstrokes so long base-to-tip strokes are recommended for an even finish.  I experienced some shrinkage with this color and found it to be a little thin.  I applied three coats for optimal coverage.

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From Rodeo to Rodeo Drive

From Rodeo to Rodeo Drive is a purple-leaning taupe with a slight pearlescent shimmer.  This is such a difficult color to classify as I see shades of grey, purple and taupe all in one.  It’s definitely unique to the Gelish line and is a stunning shade for Fall!  This is two coats.

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Holy Cow Girl!

Holy Cow Girl! is sage green with a subtle shimmer.  This is one of those colors that appears green to the eye, but when compared with my swatch sticks it actually leans much more grey than green.  This color is a two-coater!

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Tan my Hide

Tan My Hide is a pale nude cream with a subtle shimmer.  This might be the lightest neutral shade from Gelish yet.  It’s a very pale tan shade that leans slightly pink.  This color applied a tad bit streaky and I found that three coats were needed for even coverage

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