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The Big Chill Collection

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The Big Chill

The Big Chill is a pale, light grey with a pearly shimmer finish. This is the lightest grey in the Gelish line. It’s very close to Cashmere Kind of Gal, but slightly lighter and it of course has the pearl finish which makes it different.

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Snowflakes & Skyscrapers

Snowflakes & Skyscrapers is a darker grey with a multi-colored shimmer finish. The description on the press release calls this color “taupe pearl”. I see the taupe shades in the shimmer, but the base color seems very grey to me. I can see gold and purple flecks in the shimmer. This is a pretty unique shade

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My Jewels Keep Me Warm

My Jewels Keep Me Warm is a coppery pink glitter polish in a pink-tinted sheer base. This is a really unique polish. I don’t have anything like it so I compared it with a couple of other Gelish glitters that have the same type of glitter, but they are obviously different colors. As far as the color goes, it seems to have some orange tints and the shade really reminded me of Cuccio Higher Grounds. This shade required three coats for opacity, and I had a hard time getting glitter coverage on the tips of my nails which is pretty common.

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I’m Snow Angel

I’m Snow Angel is a deep brown-ish red with a golden shimmer. Again, it’s a really unique shade. I thought this one would be close to Elegant Wish, but you can see in the comparison photo that it has much better coverage and it’s darker and has more brown tones.des

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Call Me Jill Frost

Call Me Jill Frost is a really lush, dark purple pearl. When I first saw the color pops I thought this shade would be just like all of the other purples that I have, but it’s totally not. It has some blue tones to it, while Berry Buttoned Up has some reddish tones to it. I’m crazy about shimmery purples, so this has won me over!

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Ice Skate, You Skate, We All Skate

Ice Skate, You Skate, We All Skate is a shimmery dark emerald shade. It’s a very teal-leaning green. It’s similar to Race You to the Bottom, but it’s a little darker and the shimmer is more subtle.

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