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Red Matters Collection

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Fire Cracker

Fire Cracker is the brightest shade of red in the collection. It has a cream finish and seems to lean ever so slightly orange


Scandalous is also a red cream and is just a shade darker than Fire Cracker.

Ruby Two-Shoes

Ruby Two-Shoes is a medium shade of red that leans a little pink. It has a subtle frosty finish that gives it a bit of a glow. This is one of the more original shades in the collection.

I'm So Hot

I’m So Hot is a darker burgundy-leaning red with a frosty finish. The finish on this color reminds me a lot of Queen of Hearts, but the color is several shades darker. This color has a very luxurious feel to me and I didn’t want to take it off!

Red Alert

Red Alert is the darkest red in the collection and is a great color for the cooler months.

Man Of The Moment

Man of the Moment is an even darker rich creamy red – the perfect all seasons shade of red from the Red Matters Collection.

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