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Matadora Collection

I'm Drawing A Blanco

I’m drawing a blanco is a beautiful solid crystal white shade with shimmer. This is a truly beautiful unique colour and there isn’t anything similar in the Gelish range.

Mauve Your Feet

Mauve Your Feet is a creamy, dusty mauve with soft pink undertones. It is a similar shade to She’s My Beauty except it pulls more earthy tones.

All Tango-d Up

All Tango-d Up is a creamy, elegant burgundy red shade suitable for all year round .

Don't Break My Corazón

Don’t Break My Corazon is a creamy, muted warm tomato red with a slight touch of pink.

Danced And Sang-ria

Danced and Sang-ria is a creamy, delicious, vampy purple with black overtones.

Olé My Way

Olé My Way is a stunning, deep, dark navy blue with a delicate shimmer.